Friday, February 17, 2017

Testing with Flowcharts

What can this program do? I don't know follow the actions and see. This is what I was told the when I went in for an interview and they told me to find as many bugs as I can ad write a bug report with those bugs. The first thing I thought of was the idea of flowcharts.

Flowcharts are such a nice easy way to follow the various possible actions that a program can take. Which then you can use to create test plans and for various other testing purposes.

Image result for flowchartLots of people understand the idea of a flowchart but not how to implement one. The biggest issues in implementing a flowchart are two fold. 
One it is hard to follow a program and all the possible actions you could take. This can be so tedious if it is a complicated program, but there is a way, or technique I have found in making this a tad easier. Make smaller flowcharts. If you think about this it should be pretty obvious but lots of people want to just make the flowchart for the whole program all at once. It is so much easier to break it in to sub tasks that you then can connect later to display the flow of the program.

Two, the symbols of the flowchart. This one is not as big of deal because you can always look of the various symbols, but there is an easier way. There are programs out there that show and name the various shapes that you can use in your flowchart such as LucidChart or Microsoft Visio. There are others but these are the 2 best that I have used.

Just to make things a tad simpler I will go through the basic couple shapes that should get you started on your flowchart.

Flowchart Line.svg   This is directional line which indicates the direct you should go from one shape to the next

Flowchart Terminal.svgThis is the terminal shape they are the beginning and ending piece to almost every flowchart

Flowchart Process.svg This is a process block, which is used to show when something needs to be performed

Flowchart Decision.svg This is the decision block which is used when there is a conditional statement (such as true or false or yes or no)

These are the 4 most commonly used shapes in creating flowcharts. Flowcharts can make everyone's life easier.