Monday, August 29, 2016

What is the best tool to use for automation testing?

As I was thinking about the best tool used in automation testing I was thinking of my least favorite thing to do as a manual tester. I think by figuring out what thing is the best use for automation we then can figure out what the best tool is.
My least favorite thing to do is a regression. It's repetitive and, frankly, a little boring. Whenever I had to do a regression, I would always think that there has got to be a better way of doing this...and there was.
Through Automation you could eliminate this task and now have more time available for your manual testers to do more fun things. This also allows for a quicker release from a staging environment to production. I mean, really, all you have to do is press a button and wait a few hours and you’re good. If you have the capability you can even set it to run automatically so you don’t even need to press a button. How easy can it get. I digress.
Back to the best automation tool. If this is your least favorite thing to do then I would recommend Selenium webdriver. I think it is the easiest, most versatile tool available to automate testing.
The webdriver has the capability of setting up testing across all the major browsers. It has easy to use commands. You can use it with almost any language. As far as tools go there is no better out there for this kind of task then Selenium Webdriver.

To learn more about Selenium check out these sites:  

If you have a specific tool you like to use leave it below in the comments and why you like to use that tool.


  1. I liked the first half of this post, but I don't agree with the 2nd half of it.
    I liked the first half, because you demonstrate the way you approached the problem - finding out your biggest pain.

    I dislike the 2nd half because it (almost) completely disregards that thought process by declaring "Selenium is the best tool". Now, don't get me wrong - Selenium is a very handy tool that you can achieve quite a bit with it. It is also probably the first go-to solution for browser automation, but is it the best tool for me if my application is a REST api and I'm using something like ReadyAPI (formerly known as SoapUI, I think) to conduct my tests? is it still the best tool if my application is a native mobile application (appium is an extension of selenium, but selenium by itself is of little help in the mobile world) ? is it the best tool if I don't know to program (or know to program poorly) and my employer has purchased a recording tool such as the one that comes with HP suite, or with Smartbear's similar offering? What if my website has a lot of features that involves the OS (such as "drag a file to upload") - won't I be better off using something like codedUI?
    Selenium is a cool tool to have in my toolbox, declaring it as "the best tool" tarnishes the really nice things it does by pointing out the things it does not do (things such as DB checks, OS events handling, layout verification and much more) - it's a browser automation library, not a standalone test tool.

  2. Best tool for automation you can use is your brain. Everything else is employed by your brain to come up with a solution. I've worked with multiple tools over the years, and to say one of them is the "best" wouldn't be honest. You find the tool that best fits your situation. It's how you use it that matters. A fool with a tool is still a fool.

    1. Oh my gosh...I love this and agree with you 100%. "A fool with a tool is still a fool."
      Seriously though that is the best one liner on automation testing tools anywhere

  3. Try using OATS - Oracle application testing suite....Its awesome automation tool from oracle :) with lot of advantages.
    It's free to download from oracle website and start using it.
    Cheers !! all the best

  4. Here is the alternative for Selenium
    It's a new software, they are still working on its improvement, but it works for me.

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