Friday, August 5, 2016

Selenium Webdriver Basics

Selenium webdriver is a code based extremely versatile open source automation framework. It can be written in wide variety of languages and can be written for multiple browsers. If you have coding skills and a web based program, you want Selenium to do your automation testing.
One of the major things you need to know is how add the webdriver to your automation.  This website is a a great tutorial on junit in  eclipse. Something this site shows is the driver for Firefox. You can actually add any webdriver. So Chrome, IE, and Safari.

One thing a lot of programmers will do is to use Selenium IDE to make test cases and then export them as JUnit or some other language that they have written their Selenium tests in. You can do this by using making a Selenium IDE test then use the internal options of Selenium IDE to export the file as the language in which you like.

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  1. I highly and strongly disagree that programmers use Selenium IDE to record their test cases and plug the recorded test case to the automated framework. Do they refactor the convert test case? How many programmers have you come across that use the IDE?

    1. They do refactor the test cases. I have come across quite a few automation programmers who use it. The ones I know well, do not use it all the time and they do have to refactor a little.

  2. It was nice to read your post thank you sharing keep posting .