Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Selenium IDE's Lack of Cross Browser Compatibility: Chrome Extension

One of the downsides to using Selenium IDE is that it a Firefox extension only. However, there are tools that have been created for other browsers.
Chromium is an extension to Chrome that is supposed to work very similarly to that of Selenium IDE. There are distinct differences to be aware of. First let me explain a little how it works.
First you need to download it as an extension to chrome. So, go to this link
This link should take you to Chromium in the google web store.

Download the extension. You will now see this

in the upper right of google chrome. This is how you will access Chromium to make and do your tests. When Chromium is open you will have a display box that looks like this

This has all of the necessary option for you to start recording your tests. If you have a complicated website then you might have some difficulty with recording on chromium, just like on Selenium IDE.  Unfortunately, unlike Selenium IDE it is much more difficult to manually enter the commands and the targets. It is possible but much less intuitive. In General it is not nearly as well done as Selenium IDE. The only advantage is it is a Chrome extension which is what the majority of websites are built for nowadays.
My conclusion on Chromium is that unless you are a die hard, throw up when hearing about other browsers Chrome fan, don’t use it. I think that it is just not well done.

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