Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Overview of the Last 14 Days

In a matter of two weeks I have laid out the foundation to writing good Selenium IDE test cases and in turn test suites. To reiterate my first post on this, this is not all inclusive, but the principles here will hopefully help solve the majority of issues you run into. Three takeaways from all 13 posts that, if you remember nothing else, are that of Workarounds, Commands, and JavaScript.

First are workarounds. This is super important because, I think, it allows you as a person to become a better tester and programmer. If something doesn’t work the first time around you have to create a new way of doing it, which requires a relatively deeper understanding of the problem. As you do this regularly you will become more naturally able to think of multiple ways around a problem. This is important in testing because of the need of multiple scenarios to test and if you can think of multiple ways to get to a problem then you now have a another thing to test. This is by far the most important takeaway.

Second takeaway is that of commands. If you don’t know the commands you cannot work to the best of your ability. To me this is universal in anything dealing with technology, the better you know something the better you are at using it. Strive to know all your programming/ testing tools to the best of your ability and you will go far. Just to reiterate if you don’t know the commands you cannot truly understand if Selenium IDE is for you or not.

The third and last takeaway is that of JavaScript. I venture to say that anything you want to test you can test in Selenium IDE. Some would argue against me saying there are limitations. My counter argument is that with the JavaScript ability of Selenium IDE it allows to access to everything. It basically makes up for anything not built in to IDE already. Because of this, it is my third takeaway from everything I have written about IDE.

In short it is through knowledge of commands, JavaScript, and the tool itself that allows you to create necessary test cases for your browser testing.

For more information of Selenium IDE please check out Selenium’s website which will hopefully answer any questions you do have. Also, check out this other article I helped with
Feel free, also, to leave questions and comments below and I will answer them.

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