Monday, July 25, 2016

Different Selenium IDE Internal Options

Along with having commands to create different test cases there are quite a few options and tools built in to Selenium IDE to help with these test cases. One of the most helpful is the speed
This bar helps determine how fast to run through all of the commands in a test case/suite or in other words how fast to run line to line. An example I have seen is if the website you are testing has a lot of javascript and you have to wait for things to load it might be better to run the test a slower so that the webpage has time to catch up to the commands.
Another Selenium IDE tool is that of the Play and the Pause buttons.
The first button here is to play a test suite, which basically means play all the test cases open. The next one is to play just the test case, then the pause is to pause the test case where it is at.
The next capability Selenium IDE has is to set breakpoints and step through them. To set breakpoints you right click on the line of code that you want to set the breakpoint and the right click menu has a ‘toggle breakpoint’ option.
Another option that is also available that is similar to breakpoint is the ‘Start Point’ which can be toggled in the same way as the breakpoints.
You can also insert new commands as well as copy and paste them. Something to note is that if you copy and paste them they paste above the line that is selected.

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