Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Creating Your First Test Suite In Selenium IDE

Once you have a test case or 2 you can save them as a Test Suite. The advantage of this is you can run a test suite which will in turn execute each of the test cases in the test suite. One thing I have found is that test cases in a test suite can act together to accomplish something. For example, I use a 3 test cases to get to a specific web page that is needed for the rest of my test cases, almost like building in the precondition of the test case.

In this screenshot you can see that underneath test case you have all of your test cases in a suite. A note on test suites is that you can add already built test cases to a specific test suite. So if you need to have a precondition met and you have already written a test case for it you can import, or ‘add’ it to the test suite. You can also add knew test cases and build in the existing test suite. You also have the ability to move around test cases, so that as you build them you can rearrange them.

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